Over 40 million people in the US struggle with Anxiety related symptoms. It is often referred to as the silent disease because most people do very little to manage their anxiety.  They simply silently suffer and narrow their life in attempts to reduce the symptoms.  Overcoming anxiety is a journey that requires knowledge and skills. There is no quick fix but there are real solutions.  Empowered Life Solutions offers the information that will guide you through every step of the process allowing you to take back control of your life and live the life that you were destined to live.

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You are not alone…

Because anxiety disorders are a group of related conditions rather than a single disorder, they can look very different from person to person.  One individual may suffer from intense anxiety attacks, while another worries at the thought of mingling at a party or flying on an airplane. Although, your symptoms are unique to you, all anxiety have fear and worry in common.  Understanding fear and worry is where the solutions start.


Why Can’t I just Will Myself to Change?

Trying to “fix” anxiety by yourself is like trying to fix a car without any knowledge or tools.  At Empowered Life Solutions  we believe that knowledge and skills give you the power to reduce the stress of anxiety in your life.

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Depression and anxiety are two companions with whom I get to travel through life.  Before receiving help and learning skills from Empowered Life Solutions, I had given Depression control of the driver’s seat and Anxiety the map… I was at their mercy.  Quite often I felt sad, overwhelmed and trapped, like I was in chains and couldn’t be free.  I was always scared about the future and spend a lot of time in bed crying. I would become so depressed that I would spend days in bed…getting up to do the bare minimum just to go back to bed and wait for night to come.  I couldn’t enjoy any aspect of life. Over the years I was prescribed various antidepressant medications which sometimes helped manage the symptoms, but always left me with less energy and feeling more apathetic towards life. The “medicated me” was still not really me, just a numb version. Over the last three years using the skills taught by Empowered Life Solutions, I’ve been able to treat the anxiety and depression and not just their symptoms:


Live in the Present:  Anxiety and Depression want you to live in the past or future, worrying and fretting, but that causes you to miss out on the here and now. Empowered Life Solutions taught me skills that help me slow down so I can experience the here and now. One way I’ve done this is by taking the time to experience nature or smell something yummy.  As I’ve tried to really be in the experience of the moment, I’ve noticed that the anxiety/depression lose strength, and then I’m able to deal with what they’re telling me better.


Bringing fears to the conscious: Anxiety and Depression do a little “dance” in the shadows of our minds that is sometimes hard to see, but their energy is still felt. Their “dance” creates fears that are hard to identify, and without being identified, are hard to work through.   Empowered Life Solutions taught me how to bring those fears in the light so I could examine them more closely and then deal with them. The skills I learned taught me that things aren’t bigger than I can handle, and that I can do hard things.  It had helped me not feel so overwhelmed or afraid


I still experience anxiety and depression… sometimes often. But because of the skills I learned through Empowered Life Solutions, I can manage them. I don’t freak out like I did before… instead I can work through my anxiety and depression and allow it to pass. I can recognize the purpose they serve and allow them their place without giving them power. They are no longer in the driver’s seat or holding the map.  I am… and I have discovered a life that is more beautiful and worth living than I had ever imagined.

– Cara Scott


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