Depression is a common, but serious illness that can be debilitating, robbing you of the joy of daily living. It is often referred to as a “fog of sadness”. Many people with depressive symptoms never seek help.  But with knowledge, skills, medications, and psychotherapy depression can be helped.   Empowered Life Solutions offers the information that will guide you through the healing journey and  serves as a supplement to treatment you may receive from your mental health professional.

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Depression is serious business.  One out of six people develop depression to a clinically significant level at some point in their life.  The good news is that 80% of people who suffer from depression can get well with treatment. Empowered Life Solutions Premium Content will aide you with each step along your healing path moving you past depression to a life with the meaning and purpose that comes from healthy living and happiness.

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“Depression and anxiety are two companions with whom I get to travel through life. Before receiving help and learning skills from Empowered Life Solutions, I had given Depression control of the driver’s seat and Anxiety the map… I was at their mercy. Empowered Life Solutions taught me skills that help me slow down so I can experience the here and now. I’ve noticed that the anxiety/depression lose strength, and then I’m able to deal with what they’re telling me better. Empowered Life Solutions taught me how to bring my fears into the light so I could examine them more closely and then deal with them. The skills I learned taught me that things aren’t bigger than I can handle, and that I can do hard things.

I still experience anxiety and depression… sometimes often. But because of the skills I learned through Empowered Life Solutions, I can manage them. I don’t freak out like I did before… instead I can work through my anxiety and depression and allow it to pass. I can recognize the purpose they serve and allow them their place without giving them power. They are no longer in the driver’s seat or holding the map.  I am… and I have discovered a life that is more beautiful and worth living than I had ever imagined.”

Cara Scott, Empowered Life Solutions subscriber



Small Steps for Immediate Depression Relief


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Breathing Meditation

Simple 5 Minute Meditation

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