Happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions of contentment to intense joy. Being happy is no longer an unsolvable riddle or an idealized notion from optimistic motivational speakers. Now self-help is supported by a well researched set of knowledge and skills offered by positive psychology.  The world of positive psychology leads us to what makes life worth living because life is meant to be more than stress, anxiety, depression, or chronically falling short of the mark. The professionals at Empowered Life Solutions can teach you the researched based principles of a happy life.  Empowered Life Solutions Premium Content includes written articles, workbook exercises, instructional videos, guided imagery, meditations, and relaxation exercises.

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Happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled with an overall sense of well-being.  Surprisingly it doesn’t include a life free of pain or a constant stream of fun or entertainment. According to Aristotle happiness is the “whole aim and end of human existence.”  Everyone wants to be happy but finding this Holy Grail often remains a mystery. Empowered Life Solutions Premium Content will lead you through the research to day to day skills that empower you to life a life of happiness.   

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My husband and I have both experienced great depths of anxiety. We have found Empowered Life Solutions a great resource providing the tools to manage our anxiety and freeing up our energy towards a much happier life.  We read and study the articles together.  We love the workbook exercises that have deepened our understanding. We have the tools and life feels hopeful and exciting again.  We have learned to live in the present. Life feels like a gift.  I am so grateful to have Empowered Life Solutions right at my fingertips whatever hour I need it!

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A 1 Minute Introduction Mindfulness Exercise


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Simple 5 Minute Meditation

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