Healthy Living is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  For some the idea of complete well-being may sound like a dream that is unachievable. Yet, others live a life of abundance connected to inner peace. The difference between these two sets of people starts with knowledge and practiced healthy living skills. Empowered Life Solutions Premium Content equips you with that knowledge as the gateway to inner peace and authentic living.

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We are all born with a longing and intuitive knowledge of the depth and meaning of life.  When it is missing we feel the hollow void deep within us. True healthy living includes a balanced awareness of the interconnection between our minds, body, emotions, and spirit.  Empowered Life Solutions believes that there is so much more than a mere absence of symptoms from anxiety and depression.  Empowered Life Solutions Premium Content including written articles, workbook exercises, instructional videos, meditations and relaxation exercises will guide you through your journey towards a healthy, balanced, abundant life with joy and inner peace.


As a child I was born with debilitating asthma that was connected with severe food allergies.  My physical condition was more than my young body could cope with leaving me with compromised health and at times life threatening conditions.  As a result, during childhood I often felt helpless and out of control. At some point I determined to live abundant within my limitation. Empowered Life Solutions as being one step that has helped me in my journey to follow this determination. Empowered Life Solutions taught me strategies to overcome the challenges of my life.  The worksheet and instructional video about living in the present moment were life altering.  This is a skill that has helped me feel stronger with a sense of choice and control in my life.  For me healthy living is exercising my power to chose, realizing that my body, my mind, my emotions, and my spirit are really a function of my ability to choose healthy life patterns. Thank-you Empowered Life Solutions.

Ryan Lee

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1 Minute Introduction Mindfulness Exercise


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Breathing Meditation

Simple 5 Minute Meditation

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