Power Of Attraction

“THOUGHT IS energy.  Active thought is active energy; concentrated thought is concentrated energy.  Thought that is concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.”
~ Charles Francis Haanel

Power of Attraction – A Universal Philosophy

“I thought if I planted some corn, a tomato plant might grow.”

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Our thoughts have a vibrational frequency that correlate with other with other similar vibrational frequencies.  

Obviously, this could not happen.  We all know that if you plant corn, corn will grow, and that to get a tomato plant, one has to plant tomato seeds.

What we reap is the direct result of what we have sown.  This is simply the result of natural law.  No one can disagree with such simple logic.

Emotionally and mentally speaking, the same logic applies.  What we sow mentally and emotionally is what we reap.  Whether consciously or unconsciously we draw to ourselves what we want by the energy of our thoughts.

Many people are familiar with the philosophy of karma: what you put out to the universe is what comes back to you.  Others may be familiar with the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who references this principle as the Power of Intention.

In The Secret, this principle is defined within the context of the law of attraction—that what we put out to the universe will attract it’s own likeness.  Scientology uses the term “attention units” to explain that you will produce a result equal to whatever your mental energy has been focused on.

Regardless of what you prefer to call this principle or how you choose to define it, it stands to reason that you cannot plant negative thoughts and energy, and expect to reap positive outcomes. At face value, this principle of attraction may seem a little hokey. Rest assured you are not alone. However, a few examples will illustrate the power and potential of this principle.


Principle in Action

A coworker of mine visited a city about two hours away from her home.  She had been looking for a particular antique item for some time prior to this trip.  While in this city, she spent some time browsing in an antique store, leaving without making a purchase.

It was not until she returned home and reflected on her day that she realized that she had unconsciously and inadvertently passed by the item that she had been looking for.  Not wanting to make the drive back to this city, she consciously decided to put it out to the universe that she wanted that item to find its way to her.


Our thoughts germinate and grow like a seed in the soil.

She then left it at that and trusted that the universe would accept and recognize this energy.  A couple of days later, there was a knock on her door.  A cousin whom she had not seen for a long time was in the area and had stopped by to visit.  My co-worker remembered that this cousin lived in a small town about fifteen miles from the city where the antique store was located.  She mentioned her trip and the antique item to her cousin, who in turn responded that she took her daughter on a weekly basis to this city for piano lessons.

Arrangements were made for the cousin to purchase the item on behalf of my co-worker.  All that was left now was to have the cousin mail the item to my co-worker.  However, even this was not necessary.

The cousin mentioned that her husband would be playing in a tennis tournament the following weekend in the city where my co-worker lives, and that he would drop it off in person.  Within one week of first visiting the antique store, my coworker had the item in her home.

The outcomes of this principle may not always be realized so quickly.  I had a similar experience to the one mentioned above, though mine required more time and patience.  One of my passions is collecting books. Whenever possible, I try to have my books signed by the author.

Several months ago, I purchased two books written by a prominent historian.  I wanted to have them signed by the author, but I wasn’t sure how to go about making that happen.

Rather than trying to force the issue, I put this intention and its accompanying energy out to the universe, and left it at that.  One of my work-related responsibilities is to supervise graduate students in an internship setting.  This requires me to periodically attend meetings and trainings at a university.

A few weeks ago, I was on campus to attend a training.  Imagine my surprise, while passing through the library, to see a flier stating that the author of my books would be the keynote speaker at a historical conference that the university was hosting later in the week.  I attended, and he graciously signed my books.

Sometimes it takes an unexpected event before we recognize that we had been giving any intention to it.  In truth, most of our intentions happen at a very unconscious level.

Some years ago, my wife’s aunt and uncle gave my wife and me an antique desk that had belonged to my wife’s grandparents.  This offer was unexpected and came out of nowhere.  It was only after receiving this desk that I realized how much I had admired this piece of furniture whenever we visited.

I had never commented to them about my love for the desk.  However, it is true that a fair amount of mental energy was put out by me in the form of admiring this fine piece of carpentry.  When I told the aunt about my realizations, she simply responded that the desk had come to us because I had placed my “attention units” on it.

Being a Scientologist, it was her way of explaining the principle of attraction.  From her point of view, the desk had come to us because I had willed it without realizing it.

The above examples relate to tangible objects.  However, the following example illustrates how this principle manifests itself emotionally.

A male client of mine was continually perplexed about why so much of his time was taken up with managing various family crises, none of which were ever directly his.

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In his book, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale said “we become what we think about most of the time.”

Week after week he would give an accounting of how each day had been disrupted by a family member or friend who was in dire need of his help in some way.  Some of these family dynamics involved a son with addiction, a spouse who was severely ill, a daughter who was not able to maintain employment, and a neighbor whose spouse had recently passed away.

It seemed impossible for him to say no to any request, at any time, by any of these people.  Wanting to explore the principle of attraction, I asked him to give some thought as to how he might be contributing to this dynamic.

At first he was at a complete loss and had no insights.  “Why would I ever want to bring this role upon myself?” was his reply.  However, through further exploration, we discovered a key belief of his.

He was eventually able to verbalize that when he went to bed at night he would lay awake and sarcastically think to himself “the sun will come up tomorrow, and I just can’t wait to see what will go wrong and who is going to need me for what.”

What he was doing was putting energy out to the universe that supported his role to inadvertently attract crisis.  Together we worked on replacing this energy so that he was able to put out more positive, adaptive energy.

The key to this principle is becoming aware of our self-talk, core beliefs, and the accompanying energy that they hold.  This awareness will give you insight into what it is that you are sowing and ultimately reaping.

Believe that the universe will work for your own good and is unfolding in your favor.  When you exude this kind of energy, it will.

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